Salt Lake City, Vancouver, Cascades National Park, Etc

On Thursday we left at 2:30 pm and rode up to Ontario, OR. Here is my glove setup. I bought some black duct tape too and used it to cover the slits I cut in the gloves. Works like a dream! The vibration (when riding) on the pins is a bit painful at times. The […]

Iron Butt – SaddleSore 1000 #2

Steve’s son Josh wanted to get his SaddleSore 1000 so I decided to tag along with the two of them. My buddy and I also needed to prep for our BunBurner Gold. SaddleSore 1000 = 1000 miles in 24 hours BunBurner Gold = 1500 miles in 24 hours We left at 4AM and got home […]

Spring Tease on the Beemers

My Dad, Dwayne and I took off after lunch on Friday. The weather was amazing, 70 degrees for most of the way. We rode highway 89 down from SLC and then went through Zion. On Saturday we rode Cedar Breaks, Escalante, Boulder Mountain, Torrey. Excellent ride! Route Map View Larger Map

Southern Loop: Utah, Nevada. Arizona

We just arrived in St. George after some crazy wind, heavy rain and cold temps. The plan…headed further south tomorrow. It is way too cost in Northern Utah! We are in Page, AZ tonight. Had some whiteout conditions near the Grand Canyon and a whole lotta wind in other areas. Good times!!! Now to try and […]

BMW Motorrad – GS Trophy 2012 Qualifier, Moab Utah

I competed in BMW’s GS Trophy Qualifier in Moab back in 2012. It was a two day skills competition. On day 1 you ride (w/200 other participants) on a 50 mile route that includes 10 checkpoints where they judge your ability and riding skills. I rode this on my 500lb R1150GS. Many riders rode the much […]

6 States + 2000 Miles in 4 days

This was a very quick trip, which was filled with adventure and unfortunate mishap. Yet, the sights were amazing and it was well worth the struggles. Here are a few of the places we saw along the way: Bear Lake, UT/ID Mount Rushmore, SD Black Hills National Forest, SD Devils Tower, WY Bighorn National Forest, […]

3,500 Miles Live – UT, ID, MT, BC, AB, WA, OR, CA, NV

3,500 Miles Live – Mancation Motorcycle Trip Quick stats: 9 days @ 3500 miles = 389 per day Moving Time = 64 HRS 27 MINS 2 Countries = USA, CAN 2 Provinces = British Columbia, Alberta 7 States = UT, ID, MT, WA, OR, CA, NV 1 Island = Vancouver Island Couple pix from last […]

Central Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah

Mike and I spent most of our time (1,574 miles) in Idaho. Beautiful country with the mountains and rivers. AWESOME! We left Friday morning and got back Sunday afternoon. I will let the pictures do the talking. Following the map: Day 1 – SLC to Kooskia, ID = 700 miles Day 2 – Kooskia, ID […]

2000 Mile Trip – Oregon Coast/Utes @ Ducks Game

Mike and I left Thursday at 1 PM and rode North to Baker City, Oregon. I think we arrived at around 9-10 PM and put about 500 miles on the dial. Friday we rode up to Portland and then out to Cannon Beach for lunch. We ended up in Florence, Oregon. We turned about 550 miles […]

Southern Moto Tour

We took off Thursday night and headed for Moab. We drove all over Thursday night looking for a place to camp. I was surprised to see that many people on a Thursday night! I really think Moab needs to add MORE camping. Unbelievable! We ended up camping just below (although I didn’t know in the […]

Rocky Mountain High

Well, here is where we ended up riding. We turned about 1250-1300 miles I think? It was a great time and we saw just about every kind of terrain. I’ll have to wait for my riding partners to post some pictures. I forgot my camera. It was a little nippy (34 degrees) leaving Gunnison, CO […]

Salmon, Challis, Stanley, Palisades, Afton, Bear Lake

This was another great trip! Everything went as planned and we got to see some beautiful country. We ended up taking a little bit different route from Idaho Falls. (I have amended the map, its pretty close, but doesn’t reflect a couple dirt roads.) We headed over into Wyoming and past Palisades Reservoir, which was […]

The Eye Candy Tour

Why would I call it the eye candy tour you ask? Well we did go through Las Vegas or Sin City if you will. But mainly we got to see some great scenery. We went from red rock to deep forest to red rock to the hot city to the desert and back to the […]

Iron Butt = 1000 miles, one day. #1

Scott’s comments after the Iron Butt Ride Ok so here is what I have. Not too many pictures when you trying to turn 1,000 miles in 24 hours and make it back alive. You basically fly by things and occasionally ride by something and you say, “That looked cool.” Then you turn your head and […]

Exploring Grand Staircase-Escalante & Capital Reef

Mike and I took off at 2:00pm on Friday and headed south. We took the scenic roads on the way down and back. Winding through the small towns and canyons on highway 89 and others. We had planned to camp near Panguitch the first night. We ended up going to Escalante, eating dinner and then […]