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Red Rocks, Dirt Roads, Mountains, Mines & Dinosaurs

Tony arrived in Salt Lake City from Houston on Saturday morning. We unloaded his bike and sorted some gear, then he was off to the hotel. Later in the evening Ray and I picked him up and headed south to meet Brad for dinner in American Fork. We ate some Mexican food while talking about […]

Day Tripping in Moab

One of my good buddies Mark drove a customers truck (who had an unfortunate accident) down from Salt Lake and that is how this day started. He needed to ride Ray’s bike home for us and we decided to reward him with some riding in Moab. The customer (Tony) crashed on the Shafer trail, so […]

Motorcycle Touring in Moab with Tony

Tony made the trek out from Houston, Texas to take a motorcycle adventure ride in the backcountry of Utah. We spent a couple months getting him prepared and geared up for the trip. Once he arrived we spent some more time getting his bike loaded and inspecting his gear. We visited the local watering hole […]

The Big Payoff – Carlsbad Caverns

Memorial Day was the perfect opportunity for a father and son ride down to New Mexico. The plan was to stop over at my sisters house in Castle Rock, Colorado on the way home too. We took off on Thursday afternoon and rode down to Monticello, Utah where we camped. It rained a little bit […]

Death Valley

The plan seemed sound enough, the weather had been great, and the guys had time to make the run.  It looked like a quick trip to Death Valley was in the cards.  But somewhere between planning and leaving Global Climate Change made its own plans… trumping ours. The plan called for a 7:30 meet up […]

Motorcycle Rider Tries To Cross Flash Flood

What was this guy thinking? Seriously! Michael Henao attempts to cross a flash flood on a small enduro motorcycle, eventually getting swept away in the current. He finds himself swimming along with his bike, then he loses his grip on the bike and it is washed away. The video was taken in September 2013 during the […]

Cyril Despres Joins Yamaha For 2014 Dakar

Cyril Despres decided to leave KTM and join Yamaha after riding for Team KTM for the last 12 years. He is the reigning Dakar motorcycle winner, coming in first in the 2013 rally. He has won the race 5 times and finished in the top 3, five additional times, with 3 of those times finishing […]

Glacier National Park – Motorcycle Touring

Glacier National Park is an excellent place to ride a motorcycle. We came through it in the summer of 2013 on our way back from Canada and the Northwest Territories. We crossed the border at Chief Mountain, which was a small crossing and made things easy. We had ridden through Banff National Park the day […]