Scott Nelson / Ray Nelson, 

There are no words to describe how well organized and professional these guys are. Fun to be around and expert riders.

From the moment I met them I knew I was going to have the best ride and support on the 8 day trip around Moab and throughout Utah. They have been riding motorcycles all their lives and know this country very, very well.

I own a 2013 BMW R-1200GS and always wanted to go to Utah and see the land on this bike. I have been riding since I was 15. From Yamahas to Harleys and now the GS

I am a self proclaimed “photographer” so my plan was to go around Utah and take pictures of all the beautiful places. I also requested to go off road and camp outdoors.

Scott put together a great adventure plan and everything was included (park fees, food, accommodations, snacks…you name it). They also had a support truck on standby in the event we needed some major repairs or additional help.

We started the trip from South Jordan, UT. Every turn was breathtaking (I come from Houston and everything here is flat) the ride was at a moderate and fun pace and allowed me to absorb all the beauty that surrounded us.

Camping was great by the Colorado river in Moab. The weather was perfect. The campgrounds were very beautiful.

We were on the Shafer trail when I lost control of the bike and fell. I hurt my leg. Scott and Ray took me to the ER. I could not continue the ride.

Here is where you can tell how nice and kind hearted they are: They were heartbroken for me because they were so eager to show me everything. They even offered me a refund. To top it all, without hesitation, they offered to drive me back to Houston 1,560 miles (not even my best friends would offer to do that).

Ray drove me back to Houston, 24 hours of driving. He stayed with me for 3 days. He drove me to the hospital and doctors appointments. He made sure I was OK before leaving.

There are not enough words how thankful I am to Scott and Ray. They are my friends forever. Thank you for everything you did for me.

If you are planning on Adventure Motorcycle Touring, these are the guys you should definitely choose. There are many out there but there is only “one” best and Adventure Moto Touring is the BEST!!


Tony Sgarbi
Houston, TX

Ray and Tony headed for the Shafer Trail

Tony and Ray riding in Moab